Gerd Schäffer worked until 2006 in marketing, advertising and public relations for advertising agencies  and groups  of companies. He started working in photography as part of his professional career, presenting his work in exhibitions and international competitions. With his independent  work in a Düsseldorf studio, he created portraits with great expressive strength. Since 2007, he spends some months of the year in Ibiza and visual ideas. His photographic work is always based around the person.


Recent black and white photography, all taken in Ibiza, will be presented in exhibitions and a book that is currently being prepared.


Exhibitions and participation in exhibitions.

In Germany, UK, Austria and USA. Work published in specialist and general press.

Thanks for the teamwork


With you as models, I have worked excellently and very happily for over 30 years. Through your creativity and spontaneity you gave me valuable impulses for the success of the photo work. In the many years of professional cooperation, a valuable friendship developed that I would no longer like to miss. Together we also explored Ibiza in our own way. We were out and about in all seasons and were able to experience the diversity of the island.


My unique outdoor studios on Ibiza.




Not only for that, dear ones, but above all for your trust, also in our studio collaboration in Düsseldorf, for your cheerfulness and for your power that never came to an end, I say thank you very much from the bottom of my heart! Without you I would not have been able to exhibit in England, Austria, Spain, the USA and of course in Germany.


Representing over 30 models that I was allowed to photograph, I would like to dedicate the following pages to Jennifer Emilie, model from Ibiza.


Thanks also to Ibiza!


Gerd Schäffer





















Why do I like to work as a model in Ibiza? Because here I have found freedom and the pure love of life. My body is part of this wonderful nature. Both radiate harmony and serenity. Creation and charisma then have their own visual language. I like to be in front of the camera in harmony with the environment. She captures moments in which I see myself and when I am gladly seen.































Due to the unique interaction between the photographer and me, there are always new moments to choose from. There is also scope for my own ideas in the implementation. They arise spontaneously and in full harmony. I too suddenly have to rediscover myself and correctly classify my feelings during the photo work.















Gerd portrays my being and respects my intimacy. I have courage and confidence in his work - in whatever form. I never have the feeling that he will "betray" me.






















Ibiza - Why do I feel so safe with you in your pleasant inspiration?

I like all of that about you.






















Thank you Ibiza! With the photos of me I became a part of you!


Jennifer Emilie, Ibiza